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Every surfer has experienced being heartlessly smashed by the waves. Just like how life can be unkind sometimes, surfing isn’t always highlight reels of triumph. Like everyone, yours truly, Christopher Sugrue, had my share of surf’s up and “surfless” days.

In life, we work our way to achieve success, happiness, and satisfaction. There are times when we get our hopes up but the thing we desperately desire isn’t just meant for us. We give it all we got, but all falls in vain and we receive nothing in return.


With years of experience riding the surf, a number of realizations came crashing down on me as waves from an ocean of wisdom.

Life is not brutal, it is indifferent but isn’t mean.

Just like surfing, we get what we input into life. This is exactly the positive message I, Christopher Sugrue, would like to impart.
Sure there are days when the waves choose not to come out and play, when we lose our footing, when we did grab the opportunity to conquer that wall of water yet we still got our ass- kicked and washed back to the shore.

But these are never reasons to give up. Never ever let them be.

The important thing is we keep paddling, then wait and keep our focus and optimism. Who knows, we might just be moments away from our very own highlight-reel moment of our lives.

Stay Cool!
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